Hard Copy — Why Is God Always Late? — Curtis I. Crenshaw

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Why is God Always Late by Curtis I Crenshaw
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Why Is God Always Late?

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TITLEWhy Is God Always Late?


AUTHORCurtis I. Crenshaw






OTHER: A study in the providence of God by Rev. Curtis I Crenshaw, ThD.  You may be

hurting too much even to consider a book like this, but do you want help?

Do you need someone to understand how far away God seems sometimes,

and why He’s so slow to get things done? If so, this book is for you.


I‘ve had a major trial every decade of my life. The first one I was 13 years old

when my stepfather, who was a preacher, tried to murder my mother

who was pregnant with my half-brother. And My second trial

was going to Vietnam and almost being killed several times. I’m now 73,

and there are many other trials in this page turner. While it seems

that the Lord Jesus is nowhere around at times, and while it seems

that He is running way behind time—late—yet He was always been there

to see me through. You will laugh and cry your way through this book,

and especially you will be encouraged. Another book similar

to this one on this site in its practical bent is

How to Profit from Our Afflictions, available here.



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