• eBooks are electronic books made for use with the ubiquitous free Adobe Reader. Most of our eBooks are text searchable.

  • What kinds of eBooks are there? There are three kinds that we have on this site. FIRST, there are eBooks that are text based, which means you can highlight and copy from the eBook to your word processor. We have placed the table of contents in the left margin so you not only see the layout of the book, but also you can click to anywhere in the book immediately.

  • SECOND, there are graphics based eBooks that look like a picture of the book. You cannot copy text to your word processor. In other words, these  cannot be searched, and there is no table of contents in the margin. It is like looking at a book. Usually, these eBooks have very large file sizes.

  • THIRD, there IS “text behind image” eBooks, which means there are images on each page, just like the book from which it came, but there has been OCR (optical character recognition). Unseen to the eyes, the characters are there but just behind the image of the page. When you highlight a section of a page, the text shows, but it is not always accurate. You can copy to your word processor, but the clean up time to figure out the words is sometimes challenging. In the description, we will tell you what kind of eBook you’re looking at.

  • The eBooks we sell are in PDF format, which is readable by just about any device. You can download FREE the eBook by J. C. Ryle on the Bible in PDF format to see if it is compatible with your device. If so, then all our eBooks should work on your devices. We have tested them on the Mac, the PC, the laptop, Chromebook, tablet (both Chrome book and Samsung), and various cell phones. Others have tested them on UNIX with no complaints.



  • Also, our eBooks are very inexpensive! One can have many books on his iPhone, tablet, or flash drive that he/she can search in seconds. Many wonderful gems have long been out of print, but we at FootStool Publications are bringing them back. What you would pay for these books, if you could find them in print, would be a small fortune. FootStool Publications is scanning them into the computer, formatting them in eBook text format, and making them text searchable. One example: In the past, each time I searched the internet for Richard Field’s Of The Church, I found the set for about a $1,000. We have it (all volumes). We check the copyright of each book to make sure it is in public domain, and since most of them are 100 years old or older, they are.



  • Navigation is very easy with text eBooks that have the table of contents in the margin. The margin table of contents is the author’s actual Table of Contents, always ready for you to click and immediately go to a section, making quick movement from chapter to chapter and subject to subject easy.
  • BUT THE REAL POWER IS IN THE SEARCH CAPACITY. You can search a word or words, and in a few seconds you have the result. With one click, you look at each reference in the context of the particular book, then paste what you need into your word processor! One can do more research in a few minutes than what it used to take weeks or months to do! For example, if you need to study baptism, you can search hundreds of pages of text in a blip, paste the result into your word processor, and you’re done!